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It’s easy to do great things when you believe in what you do. That’s why I’m committed to helping more people like you, every day.

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We all have a passion. This is mine! From an early age, I decided to master my craft. And I’ve been learning ever since.


It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. Want to see my skills in action? Here, you’ll find real-world examples of the results you can expect when you work with me.

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This is the first design people see when they come to your website. It’s a good place for logos or website designs that describes your business.

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Chad-Managing Director
"I never knew design and logo is such a crucial part of marketing until I changed it completely. Running a restaurant business is very challenging because you cannot satisfy customers. But after an initial consultation with Logonado, I realized logo design is the first step to become a huge brand and engage customers throughout.
The team at Logonado changed the logo and suggested working on the Google ranking which enhanced customer loyalty. I am also receiving numerous online orders after upgrading my restaurant website. Logonado helped me show a personal side to all my customers that are now attracting many different types of people towards my business. 
I recommend working with Logonado who has an incredible team of experts who knows how to take and finish challenges. Couldn't be happier shaking hands with a professional team before!" 

Karen Fox-Project Manager
"The best part about working with Logonado was communication. They were incredible and professional throughout the process of making logos and video animation for my shoe business. The team really pulled through and worked around-the-clock to create a magnificent shoe website with a cool logo and video for my brand. 
A few of my partners had concerns working with a new agency but Logonado proved them entirely wrong. They suggested a major site overhaul and we agreed. After tracking the results, I felt satisfied and would always suggest Logonado to anyone who wishes to boost ROI and customer growth. 
A top-of-the-line company to partner with. Apart from creating my brand logo and video, Logonado helped me invest where I should be. They helped me boost my search engine ranking which allowed me to sell more than I can imagine." 

Armin Dale-Chief Executive Officer
"Impressive work team! I am satisfied with Logonado's quality and services they delivered. I was looking to hire a professionally-trained team who knows how to rescue my failed venture. As a startup company selling shirts, I knew it was difficult for me to survive in the competitive industry knowing that there are sharks around. 
After collaborating with Logonado, they upgraded and worked on only the essential elements. After designing a compelling logo and video animation, I was able to compete in the league of big shots in the industry. Customers are now buying more customized shirts from my company. 
The designers at Logonado are experts and work with pure creativity when it comes to creating a huge brand identity. They don't charge extra or have any hidden fees. And the logo and video animation were brilliantly amazing that helped me enhance my product sales. I love working with Logonado, best in what they do and offer seamless services!” 

Michele Hotton-Brand Manager

“While working with Logonado you don't feel like doing business with another company but you are creating meaningful relationships with experts who care about your unique business goals and interests. I was very clear with what I want to change and they listen and worked tirelessly to deliver better results. 
I was surprised by their industry-knowledge and expertise, knowing well that creating an attractive logo or video is not enough. The team at Logonado leveraged their years of experience in helping me push my restaurant business from the ground up.
They created an incredible customer communication channel from scratch by using all the crucial elements. From the initial discussion to launching a new website, Logonado helped me at every challenging step. They became our savior by designing a logo, website, and video that speaks for our brand. 
With competitive pricing, Logonado defied the odds and work toe-to-toe with us to deliver meaningful results. I really admire their hustle.”  

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